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  • Delightful Travels in the Marae of Taputapuatea
    The Marae of Taputapuatea is the most important of all the maraes in the world that you can find in French Polynesia. This is the biggest of its kind in the entire archipelago of Polynesia. The mythological tales here speak about Oro the God of War. It is believed this God was born in the Opoa Bay and then became powerful and took over all the other islands. He was the first of all Gods and this is why the Marae was created here. Taputapuatea means the great sacred place. Atea means great and Taputapu means sacred. This is indeed a special place and is very impressive with three great volcanic stone platforms forming the entire structure. On one side of the platform is a lovely stone wall where you get to see the wooden sculptures and on the other side, you see a big stone in the middle of the platform. The wooden sculptures symbolize  [...]
    Posted at February 1st, 2014
  • Beautiful Stays at French Polynesia in Cooks Bay
    Visiting French Polynesia is a unique experience, which has rugged mountains surrounding the entire region and fills your tours with special delights and luxurious travels. Moorea in the Cooks Bay is a wonderful destination where you can enjoy cruising with most of the fascinating experiences to take back with you. With hiking trails and enchanting beaches, Cooks Bay gives you pleasures of wonderful holidays with facilities of aquarium, hotels, and restaurants alongwith the beautiful art galleries and delights of juice factories and interesting markets. Drive down to the magnificent scenic view points and take back wonderful visual delights of the Opunohu Bay and the Opunohu Valley. It is a wonderful pleasure to be in the charming surf destinations where tourists come to enjoy the simple pleasures of water sports. Not only are  [...]
    Posted at December 10th, 2013
  • Island Pleasures at Huahine
    Huahine is a lovely island situated in the Society Islands of French Polynesia. It is an overseas region of France and is on the Pacific Ocean. A portion of the Leeward Island group of French Polynesia, the island is a lovely land filled with a lot of coral reefs and innumerable motu. Measuring around 16 km lengthwise and 13 km breadth wise this is an island that has two main islands – the Huahine Nui and the Huahine Iti. The Huahine Nui or the Big Huahine is a in the northern side and the Huahine Iti or the Little Huahine is in the southern part. A hundred yards of water is what separates the two Huahine and they are also joined by a sandpit during the time of low tide. In fact, there was a small bridge connecting Huahine Iti Na Huahine Nui. There is a brackish lake called the Lac Fauna on the northwestern part of Huahine and  [...]
    Posted at February 27th, 2013
  • Getting your daily dose of rich Fauna in French Polynesia
    The view from the deck of the Hive Oa Hanakee pearl lodge is just amazing. There is only one hotel here that liked on the remote side of the Pacific island Hiva Oa. The forest here is lush and thick and offers amazing views. You would witness a lot of mist in the mornings courtesy of the cobalt sea. This place is full of steep cliffs and deep valleys that cover the tropical vegetation here. The island doesn’t really have any kind of reef life around. The people who come and visit this place usually treat themselves to the beautiful sandy shoreline. When you actually contemplate about the idea of paradise, sitting with your legs into a pool that just never ends on how deep it goes. This place is supposed to be one of the first islands in the region to have settlers. The shores here have had some of the greatest navigators of all  [...]
    Posted at September 9th, 2010
  • Major Attractions and things to do in French Polynesia
    There are many activities which you can do in French Polynesia. The group of islands in French Polynesia are very interesting and there are lots of activities lined up for you. Shark and Ray feeding is the most popular one. You dive into the water and then can actually see the sharks and the Ray feeding on the meat which you give them, this one is simply amazing. Snorkeling is the next thing which you can do there. Moorea is the best place where you can head for snorkeling. It is a perfect place coz of the clear blue water. The most interesting destination in French Polynesia is Moorea. It is truly a breathtaking place and has lots of scenic views to offer. Motu Picnic is another place where you can have a great time. This is yet another place where you can feed the sharks. The Bora Bora islands are the most famous ones. A the  [...]
    Posted at June 25th, 2010
  • Imagine a Paradise and all that’s in Bora Bora
    Among all the French Polynesian islands, Bora Bora is the most enchanting and exciting of all. Located in the mid of a multi-bluish lagoon, its beauty and spirit cannot be really stated in words, rather one needs to go and experience the blue island. The island is like a magical stick in hand that gives you the most fun and thrill without any real efforts. For holiday seekers, it’s an ideal place for relaxed days mixed with exciting activities among which the water sports are on the first preference here. Besides the fun of marine world, Bora Bora is the land of several Polynesian sights, ancient archeological ruins, World War II bunkers, and cannons that are visited on guided tours. Ringing the main island are some smaller ones named the motu islets, both of them are protected by a coral barrier, which I refer as the beautiful  [...]
    Posted at March 2nd, 2010
  • Recognizing the Treasures of the Largest Polynesian Island Called Tahiti
    Tahiti is the largest Polynesian island occupying the area of 1042 sq. km. with maximum population in the Papeete city. The island is split into Big Tahiti and Little Tahiti connected via a striking isthmus. Here, beautiful beaches await you, rocky volcanic mountains challenge you, the Arahoho Blowhole stuns you, and Faaruumai Waterfalls chills you. Apart from these natural wonders, there are historical and archaeological sites such as the Point Venus from where Captain Cook could come on some explanations about the strange planet and Marae (temple) Arahuruhu. Tahiti Tourist Attractions Overwater Bungalows: This is the major attraction without which you will not really enjoy what Tahiti has to offer you. These are small houses built on wooden base standing above the waters with glass floors that provides an illusion as if you are  [...]
    Posted at March 1st, 2010