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  • Enjoyable tours at Milford Sound
    Visiting New Zealand is a unique experience as it gives you the travel delights of being in a very new destination. Filled with a beautiful ambiene it offers you the sight of the best fiords and gives you a knowhow of the region, which is the main destination of penguins. seals and dolphins. Get to see the most fascinating Fiordland crested penguins and take back with you memorable sights of a beautiful tour locale. The special guided tours, which take you around the country with a fascinating sense of travelling with the nature cruise, only add to the experience. There are extended itineraries and flexible travel ideas, which give you, lot of time to enjoy the scenery and bask in the delights of a beautiful holiday spot. The experienced skippers help to guide you through the cruise and the weather complementing your tour, you are  [...]
    Posted at January 16th, 2014
  • Travel Attractions in New Zealand
    Come to the beautiful locales in New Zealand and enjoy your travels to this part of the world. Filled with visual delights and scenic pleasures, the tours to New Zealand have some of the best travel memories ever. Let us see what the major places of attraction here are. Visit Napier and enjoy your travels in this city, which is special amongst the communities here. Most of its character came after there was an earthquake here in the year 1931 that totally leveled the entire city. There were efforts made to rebuild the structures and also contributed to a lot of local economy. The facades were so styled that there was a lot of Art Deco involved. This is a city that has aesthetic value not only man made but also natural. The weather is exceptional and makes tours here memorable. Then of course there is the Punakaiki coast where the  [...]
    Posted at January 7th, 2013
  • InterContinental Wellington
    The InterContinental Wellington is conveniently situated at the heart of Wellington. The hotel is situated at the center of the main area in town that has a huge number of shops, malls, entertainment options, restaurants, nightclubs as well as the main centers for finance and business. There are a good number of reasons why the hotel is one of the best choices for staying in Wellington. The hotel is perfect as a base whether you are here for business purposes, or just as a tourist. There are a good number of excellent services and facilities available. The InterContinental has 232 guestrooms in total. The accommodation options are well furnished and have good views. Natural light is well utilized here. The great number of facilities and amenities, coupled with the impeccable service, as well as the meticulous attention that is paid  [...]
    Posted at April 22nd, 2011
  • Wellington Zoo
    Wellington Zoo is the only zoological garden in Wellington. Established in New Zealand, it is the oldest zoo in the city. The zoo is situated at a distance just about ten minutes form the down town area of Wellington. The zoo is small sized but a really enjoyable visit. The location is its most lovely asset, situated as it is among verdant greenery and gently undulating hilly regions. There is no dearth of quality here. Wellington Zoo is surprisingly small for a zoo, but that just goes on to show how rewarding the zoo must be to attract so many visitors even though it is small. There are a good number of excellent exhibits and features that draw in crowds in huge hordes. There are close to a hundred endemic as well as foreign species. This is inclusive of many threatened and endangered species as well, such as the Sumatran Tiger.  [...]
    Posted at March 18th, 2011
  • Waitomo Caves
    Waitomo is a minuscule village that can be reached by driving for a few hours from Auckland in New Zealand. It has a population that barely exceeds three hundred. However, the village is visited by a huge number of tourists from New Zealand, as well as from all over the world. The reason is the Waitomo Caves, the cave system located in the village that is a popular attraction for tourists. Many people love exploring these caves, and also witnessing the phenomenon named Waitomo Glowworm. In fact close to half million travelers come here in one year. Why are Waitomo Caves so popular? In typical cave systems, the only light you will observe is the reflected light off the walls, of the flashlights carried by you. Other than this, the caves are pitch dark, and one could even get lost in the darkness. In the Waitomo Caves however, there  [...]
    Posted at February 11th, 2011
  • Dunedin vacation : A fun experiance
    The coast of Otago stretches from the Waitaki river and goes all the way to the Clutha river which is located on the South islands eastern coast. When you reach halfway into Dunedin, which is built around the Otago harbour, this is where the Otago Peninsula lies. With a population of around one hundred and twelve thousand, this second largest city on the island is a commercial centre for the Otago region. This place gets its name from the Gaelic region of Edinburgh.  The city has been established in the nineteenth century. And the buildings here look Edwardian. In fact they are considered to be quite unrivalled amongst any of the places in the whole of the southern hemisphere. There are lots of attractions and activities here in the architectural heritage of Dunedin. The city has also been provided with what seems like notable  [...]
    Posted at November 23rd, 2010
  • Land of Superlative, New Zealand
    If you were Noah and you were talking about getting your world done on the famous ark that made Noah who he really was , then you would have more than just nine inches of rain falling for more than two days. In fact , it would feel like there are some doubtful sounds that turn up towards the Tasman sea. The winds over here are quite strong and this goes on for a long time on the white froth which appears on the surface of the brown water. This seems like the land of incredible depth., and there is no sense of exaggeration. Also there is slight commentary on how this landscape seems almost like this happens to be a land of unfathomable depth , when you look above you see a surface which is mirrored below. In fact all the cliffs here are streaked with lots of waterfalls. So when you gush from the crevices, there are huge projectile  [...]
    Posted at October 22nd, 2010
  • Whale watching adventure cruise in New Zealand
    When you are talking about something like whale watching you are thinking, of a place with something like a very broad appeal. This place lures people of every age who come here and enjoy the uncanny impact that seeing and hearing sound of these amazing mammals right up close and personal adds to the entire fun. This usually need somewhat of a boat and being aboard it is essential. When you take a trip to the southern island of New Zealand, you should head over to Kailaoura. This is s small town which lies around a coat where there is a deep water patch at which warm and cold currents meet. And because of this there are many nutrients that are brought out to the surface. This environment is conducive to the immigration of sperm whales and several species of dolphins. There also is a possibility that you might get to witness the  [...]
    Posted at October 19th, 2010
  • Know what it is like to enjoy the Milford hiking trail
    The temperature here is quite cold and it snows with strong winds and heavy rains. These occur at any time of the year. There is rain that averages almost every other day during the hiking season. This is basically according to the conservation department. If fact if you come and look at the majority of the people here, they express are little bit of disappointment. There is designated number of people for the year. These people suffer no weather hardship, instead they come here have a ball because of the rains.  They agree that it is always better to appreciate the beautiful rain forest which everyone loves to hike. The mountain peaks may be less viewable.  Although the most amazing thing about these places are the waterfalls. These are in plenty and they cascade over each other lie beautiful silver threads. Walkers are encouraged  [...]
    Posted at October 15th, 2010
  • Walk up the famous Milford hiking trail in New Zealand
    All this partly happens just because you usually require transportation to take you through to both ends. This is why it makes most sense that traveler walk right up to Milford with the ultimate hikes.  This touring agency sends many groups of hikers almost every day for six months. The launch is at the Queenstown Head quarters. You get hair dryers and rooms where you could clean up and dry yourself up quite quickly flush toilets, good modern overnight accommodation and all meals are all included in the fee. Better yet, they even provide you with about four tour guides. If you go during December you will find that the prices are quite high. It is best to go in November and April. People who carry their own food and bedding as well as their clothing come during the peak season which is from the latter part of October till the latter  [...]
    Posted at October 12th, 2010